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CGG Director Todd Kwait on radio program “In Search of a Song”

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Todd Kwait, writer/producer/director of “Chasin’ Gus’ Ghost”, was recently featured on Jason Wilber’s radio program “In Search of a Song”. The program, originating out of Bloomington, IN, interviewed Todd while he was in town for a public screening of the film at the Monroe County Library. The interview was conducted by Rich Reardin and is available for download as a podcast below. Here’s what Anthony Piatt of Fly on the Wall Media had to say about the film after the Bloomington screening:
“Chasin’ Gus’ Ghost not only connected some dots in American music for me, it extended the timeline- creating new dots. While searching for artists of the past, you understand contemporary artists like John Sebastian and David Grisman in a more personal way. Like great Jug Band music the journey is jovial at times, all well put together, and fast paced at times… ‘Tight, but loose’.”

Check out the interview here

Watch the trailer